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Scouter Weissman Helps Feed Stranded Shelby Football Team

When the Shelby football team became stranded in Great Falls, Mont., Aaron Weissman – Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 1026 and Ricemaster at Teriyaki Madness in Great Falls – stepped up, along with Teresa Jonas, with JonasSprinklers and Fertilizer, to help feed the team.

It all started with a post to the “GF Take Down & Take Out” Facebook group by Jonas, a Shelby native living in Great Falls.

“I have a not so weird request… my hometown high school football team is stranded here in GF for a second night. No extra clothes or anything. I would like to send them over some kind of treats to their hotel to cheer them up. Any ideas?” Jonas posted.

Traveling back to Shelby after their Nov. 7 win over the Panthers in Park City, a severe winter storm, creating extreme and hazardous road conditions, forced the team to hold up for two days in Great Falls, 84 miles from home.

“They had spent one night with only the clothes on their backs and were going to have to spend another night,” said Jonas in an email. “My husband and I decided to buy them dinner, something besides McDonald’s or Pizza. After getting many suggestions … I got a message from Aaron to help out. He donated half the cost of the meals and Jonas Sprinklers and Fertilizer covered the rest and Aaron personally delivered it in that nasty storm.”

The actions of Weissman and Jonas exemplify the Scout Law. They demonstrated loyalty, helpfulness, friendliness, courteousness, cheerfulness and, above all, kindness.

“We really appreciate Jonas Sprinkler and Teriyaki Madness for feeding our stranded football team,” wrote Tiffany Stores, who’s son Brock is a senior on the football team, in an email to Montana Council. “The generous donation was greatly appreciated by the kids, coaches and parents.”

“My son Jackson is a senior on the team and he was so glad to have something other than pizza for dinner,” wrote LeAnn Appley in a separate email. “He was also excited that a complete stranger reached out to help a team of kids Aaron didn’t know while they were stranded in Gt Falls.”

“As a mom,” Appley wrote, “it meant the world to me that Teresa Jonas, a former Shelby Coyote, reached out to get these kids fed and that Aaron stepped up to do it … I love that he is involved in the community and cares so much of others. Thank you Aaron!”

Along with being an Assistant Scoutmaster, Weissman is also a Committee Chair and a District Member at Large.


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