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Reminder: Complete Your Charter Renewal

For those units who finished the charter renewal process and have turned in their paperwork to council executive staff, THANK YOU!

We have experienced a significant improvement in getting them submitted and without any issues to determine before it could be process and posted!

For those units still working on their charter renewal we would like to encourage you to complete the process by February 28th! Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Continuous registration without a laps is preferred.
  2. You lose insurance coverage for your activities and meetings.
  3. You lose access to your ability to purchase needed advancements.
  4. Your members miss out on the timely delivery of their Boys’ Life magazine.

If you would like assistance with the charter renewal process please contact your unit commissioner, your district commissioner, or finally your council executive staff member as soon as possible.

We stand ready to assist!


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