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Recruiter Recognition Available

Do you have a Scout who has brought a friend or acquaintance to a meeting? Has that friend decided to register and continue the Scouting journey? Are you looking for a way to encourage Scouts to bring someone to meetings and help boost attendance?

We now have a recognition you can utilize as an incentive. We are proud to introduce the new Recruiter Shoulder Patch!

This patch is specifically for those Scouts who bring a friend to a meeting and that friend signs up and pays their registration fees.

The recruiter can earn multiple patches, the first being awarded when the first visitor signs up. The next patch or patches are earned after recruiting 3 additional Scouts.

Each executive staff member of the council has a supply of these patches for instant recognition.

Please contact your executive staff member with Pack or Troop number, recruiter name and new Scout name. Once new Scout is confirmed as registered the recruiter will receive the patch.


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