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Recharter Online System Now Open

If you have been around Scouting for very long you are aware October signals the most significant tasks during the year.

That task is recharter.

The online system window opened on October 1st and is ready for you to log in and complete the process.

If you have not yet received your recharter packet you need to get in touch with your District Commissioner or Executive Staff member to find out who might have it.

Secondly, and hopefully before you log in, PLEASE send in all your applications both youth and adult.

Why is this important?

If you recruited 20 or more new youth to your unit you probably aren’t looking forward to all that data entry. Let our office staff complete the data entry for you! When you log in for the first time they will already be on your roster.

Once you hit the submit button you will still need to get a few key signatures.

The main signature, and most elusive, is the Charter Organization Representative (COR).

If this process takes until December to complete, the holidays always seem to get in the way of getting a hold of people in a timely manner.

Please start contacting your COR now to schedule a meeting to get their signature on the recharter paperwork.

Remember, they need to sign the roster, applications for your new adults, and finally the annual charter agreement.

Every district has an expected turn in date and plan. Please contact your district commissioner or executive staff member to find out that information.

Each district has a specific charter renewal turn in plan and date. That date for many of you is fast approaching with some sooner than others.

Please make sure you are familiar with the turn in plan and date with for your specific district. Our goal is to have 100% charter renewal packets turned in before December 15th. 

Thank you for your assistance in getting charter renewals completed in a timely manner!


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