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Provisional Troop & Camping Scholarship

Every Scout deserves the chance to go to summer camp.  The Montana Council has two programs to help make that possible.

The Provisional Troop program is designed to benefit youth in your units that want to go to camp but cannot find adult leadership to take them, youth who cannot attend camp the week that their troop is going, or youth who want to work on advancement for a second week.

We will provide experienced scout leaders to be acting Scoutmasters for your Scouts’ stay at camp.  These leaders will make sure that your scouts are attending their classes and completing their requirements. The acting Scoutmasters will also keep order in the campsites as well as ensure everyone is safe.

Our Camping Scholarship program will help provide financial assistance to individuals or units that may not have the means to get to camp on their own. Each instance is considered on an individual basis so a solution can be found for any Scout that wants to go to camp.

We want your Scouts to attend camp, please take advantage of these programs and don’t let anyone miss out on a life-changing experience.

If you are interested in serving as a provisional Scout leader for a week at camp or need more information about the scholarship program, please contact the Council Service Center at 406-761-6000 or Shon Ostler at or 406-241-6014 to get more information.


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