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Bsa Program


Program Overview

Venturing lives up to its name though taking adventure to new heights. An inclusive program through the Boy Scouts of America for males and females 14-20 (or 13 and completed the 8th grade), you’ll acquire life skills and gain experiences that will prove to be valuable regardless of where your future takes you. All this while having a blast!

You’ll use modern technology like GPS while also learning to read maps and use a compass. You’ll tackle backcountry first aid and survival in the harshest weather. You’ll be pushed, challenged and grow stronger, surer and more capable with every outing.

Leadership in Venturing is not just a position – it is an action captured in the Venturing motto, “Lead the Adventure.”

Best for age groups

13 (and completed eighth Grade) or 14 through 20.

Program focus

Outdoor Survival
Wilderness Travel
Backcountry First Aid 

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