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sea scouts

Program Overview

The element that makes Sea Scouting different from all other Scouting can be summed up in one word — water. Sea Scouts is a co-ed program with its own language and series of challenges, all of which are nautical.

As a Sea Scout, you’ll learn to sail, paddle, run a motorboat, tie knots, navigate open water and conduct water rescues. You’ll cover the tools and skills of ancient mariners and those of today’s modern fleets. This year-round program creates an excellent foundation for a career at sea or for a lifelong love of sailing. More important, it molds great leadership and teamwork skills.

Though Montana is far from any “sea,” we do have Sea Scout ships located in areas such as Flathead Lake. In addition to the nautical program, Sea Scouts participate in traditional scouting events such as banquets, fairs and campouts. Parents, friends and leaders play active roles in the program as they help the boys and girls achieve their confidence in, on and around water.

Montana is also home to several of BSA’s premier adventure camps, which Sea Scouts may attend. Melita Island Camp on Flathead Lake offers camp programs specifically for Sea Scouting.

Boys and girls may join Sea Scouts at age 14 and participate through age 17. 

Best for age groups

Co-Ed 14 – 20 years Old

Program focus

Water Sports
Paddle Boarding
Social Skills
Service Experience
Swimming and Swiftwater Rescue 
Maritime Heritage

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