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Open Positions, MOHAB

This opportunity is only available for those who love to adventure, who are drawn to the wild outdoors and who belive a dream job includes ultralight backpacking, wilderness packrafting, leading expedition and conservation.

Montana High Adventure Base – MOHAB, the nation’s premier wilderness expedition program – is looking for Trek Leadership and Staff to join the team.

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For more information call: 406-761-6000

MOHAB’s uniqueness is defined by its remote locationwilderness character, and multisport expedition travel.

  • The MOHAB Curriculum focuses on ultralight backpacking, wilderness packrafting, expedition leadership, and conservation.
  • MOHAB Programs are available to entire units (troops, teams, and crews), or to an individual or small groups of Scouts coming without their unit.
  • MOHAB Programs span the range of difficulty from easy to hard and include both Wilderness Trekking and Wilderness Packrafting expeditions, one or two weeks in length.


MOHAB is based out of the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch (TRMR).

It covers more than 6,000 acres that lie in the foothills of the east slope of the Rocky Mountains west of Depuyer, Montana. The property abuts over one million acres of national forest and Wilderness. This area contains habitat for elk and mule deer. Additionally whitetail deer, cougar, and grizzly and black bears regularly use this property and bighorn sheep and Rocky Mountain goats occur in adjacent national forest lands.

Specific Requirements Outline by NCAP Trek Leadership and Staff:

A. The trek director must be at least 21 years of age and hold a current certificate of training from the Trek Leader section of National Camping School.

If another member of the staff holds a current certificate of training from the Trek Leader section of National Camping School, then the trek director may hold a current certificate of training from the Resident Camp Director or former Resident Camp Administration section of National Camping School and have prior trek leadership training or experience.

B. At least one staff member is a Leave No Trace Master Educator (weeklong course) or Trainer (two-day course) and conducts training for all trek staff members with program responsibilities (support and administrative staff are exempt).

C. Trek staff must be at least 18 years old and successfully complete training specific to the trek program operation.

D. The trek staff member accompanying crews must hold a current American Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid with CPR/ AED certification or equivalents. Training is provided in reasonably foreseeable first-aid scenarios and use of supplied first-aid kits.

E. Staff members leading specialty-adventure or high-adventure activities have evidence of training in their area of responsibility consistent with that approved in the authorization for the program.

The Application for Authorization of a trek program must set forth the required ages, certification requirements, and training for the trek director and for all trek staff. If the trek will include a specialty-adventure or high-adventure activity, the additional requirements of the staff qualification and training standard, SQ-411 Specialty-Adventure and High-Adventure Staff, must also be met. Specialty-adventure camps must meet this requirement if they have elected to comply with the requirements for trek camps.

Download the Staff Application

For more information call: 406-761-6000


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