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New to K-M in 2016

In the last issue I was thrilled to share with you some of the programs elements that were being expanded to give scouts a more exciting experience. In this issue I would like to tell you about some of the new merit badge offerings coming to camp in 2016.

Not all of the Scouts involved in our program these days are as excited about the great outdoors as youth in the past. Their interests are sometimes more focused on the arts or technology. In order to help these Scouts get the most out of camp we are thrilled to be introducing some new areas and merit badges that will be more in line with these scouts’ interests.

Have your Scouts ever wanted to make a movie, star in your own play or create an artistic masterpiece? In our fine arts program Scouts will have the chance to do any of those as well as others. Movie Making, Theater, Art and Photography are only a few of the courses being offered. Some of the traditional scout skills will still be available, of course. Badges such as leatherwork, woodcarving, and Indian lore have been part of scouting since the beginning and are still loved by Scouts today. Your imagination will be you only limit!

STEM is a fascinating subject for boys all over the world and Scouts are no different. New merit badges such as robotics, aviation, and welding will be offered in our new STEM lab. Scouts who choose the NOVA Adventure will spend the entire week fulfilling the requirements to earn a NOVA Award! So put on your thinking caps and bring those creative juices with you this summer!

No matter what a Scout’s interests are, we will have something for them at camp. See you there!

Shon Ostler | Council Program Director


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