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My Time At NAYLE

Life Scout Chloe C. Describes The Eye-Opening Experience At Philmont

Hello, my name is Chloe C. I am a Life Scout in Havre, Mont., with Troop 1419, and Crew 2406.

This summer, I had the opportunity to attend the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) at Philmont Scout Ranch. The course was recommended to me while attending the National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) at K-M Scout Ranch by James A., a staff member. I really enjoyed the NYLT course and saw NAYLE as a new learning experience, full of my type of high adventure.

It took persuading my mom to let me fly solo and navigate this experience independently – and cover the cost outside my savings. She finally agreed, and I got to stay at the Philmont Scout Ranch for seven days. 

NAYLE was an eye-opening experience of what Scouting really is. Everything they taught us had a sense of purpose to carry on in life outside Scouting. The Scouts I met were some of the best and I made friends with many of them. Everyone wanted to be there and help. 

During my time at NAYLE, I was the only girl from my crew that made it to the top of the Tooth of Time and hiked the entire six miles. I knew New Mexico would be hot, but I never thought I would be in 100 degrees in a lightning storm. 

I learned about Scouting from Scouts from all over the United States and even met an international Scout from Paris, France. NAYLE added to the skills we learned at NYLT and how they’re applied to every situation. We learned how servant leadership is just as powerful as leading. 

My favorite session was Search and Rescue. We talked about the signs we use to help locate missing people. When we found them, I used the first aid skills we learned earlier in the week and during my first aid merit badge to treat the injuries. 

At NAYLE, my crew gave me the nickname “Montana” since I was the only Scout from Montana that week, and because my tent mate could never remember my name. Soon, everyone was calling me Montana. My tent mate and I were the youngest Scouts in our crew. She was a Life Scout from Houston, Texas.

At the Scout Cantina, I was the the first to put a Montana Council patch on the patch map for free ice cream. 

As the Scouts I met at NAYLE grew and learned, we discovered with every activity we could use teamwork to overcome any challenges and to finish the challenges that were presented to us. 

The thing that held it all together was the people. Scouting is one big community and when we all come together, we make great things happen.

At NAYLE, young men and women enhance their leadership skills through team building, ethical decision-making, problem-solving and service to others. Learn more about NAYLE at The Philmont Training Center.


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