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K-M, Melita Gain National Accolades

“One of the finest facilities I have ever come to know.”2017 National Camp Accreditation Program report after visiting Melita Island.

Each year, all Boy Scout of America Councils’ camps must go through the National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP).

NCAP has become very rigorous.

Its purpose is to elevate camps to new levels of excellence in delivering Scouting’s promise to youth.

Councils engage in a meticulous review of camps and properties, continuous improvement, and correction or elimination of substandard practices.

The NCAP achieves this purpose through the following:
• National camp standards
• Application and Authorization to operate review
• Camp Strategic Analysis
• Continuous Camp Improvement Program
• Annual camp assessment process

Only camps that successfully complete all five aspects of the NCAP are BSA accredited camps.

Recently, some tough inspectors examined Camp Melita Island and K-M Scout Ranch.

The final report on Melita included the following:

“I can’t speak to its past. But now, it is one of the finest facilities I have ever come to know. Any recommendations at this point would be akin to critiquing how Noah built the Ark. This is a wonderful camp.”

“(Their) Continuous Camp Improvement Plan has very substantially been implemented … They are certainly on the right track.”

The final report on K-M included the following:

“K-M Scout Ranch is a credit to Scouting. They have a terrific facility, dedicated adn responsive leadership, and talented and enthusiastic staff … If I were still a unit leader, I would want to take my Troop there.”

“K-M Scout Ranch is well on their way to the completion of their Camp Improvement Plan. They have made great improvemtns and their future is bright.”


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