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Message From Council President Greg Beach


With everything going on, I wanted to send a note out to all volunteers and unit leaders in the Montana Council.

Without question, these are difficult times. It is, therefore, essential for all of us as adult Scouting volunteers to step up and lead by example.

We can show our youth and our neighbors that Scouts can calmly handle a tough situation and help others to do so as well, by simply following the Scout Law.

Scouting Now, More Than Ever

There has not been a time in recent history where the phrase “Be Prepared” resonates so soundly in our community. (Scouts all own a handbook on the subject.) Through Scouting, we learn how to be prepared at all times.

We urge you to communicate with your Scouts, point out what practical skills they have learned in Scouting and how it can apply to the situation at hand.

I also encourage all volunteers as well as Scouts to use this time to maintain and sharpen your skills by taking advantage of the plethora of materials that are available on-line.

Also, please reach out to those you’ve met outside of Scouting by serving others in your community, helping out at your place of worship or simply doing a good turn for a neighbor. And remember, if YOU are in need, reach out! YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Summer Camp

We intend to give our Montana Scouts a “significant, fun and safe” experience at Summer Camp this summer. While we are not operating all of our camps, K-M is moving forward with the blessing of the National BSA, our Governor, the local health department, sanitarian and medical professionals. We will provide a different experience than in the past, but one that will allow youth to have a great time. I am calling on all of you to help make this happen. Scouts and parents need a great experience in an exciting and safe place.

Remember That We Are A Scouting Family

Thanks for all you are doing for Scouting and know that the health and safety of our members, volunteers and staff is our top priority. As a Scouting family, we will demonstrate to our community every part of the Scout Oath, especially, “to help other people at all times.” Now is Scouting’s time to shine bright.

Scouting Needs You

This pandemic has put a strain on many businesses and organizations. We are no different. If you have or know someone with the ability to donate to our cause, please let us know. We remain vigilant in providing the best possible experience for the youth in our program. Donate here:

Be safe, take care of yourself and take care of each other.
God Bless our Scouting program and God Bless America!


Greg Beach
Montana Council President


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