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Let’s Grow Scouting!

At this very moment, new Scouts are being welcomed into Scouting programs across Montana! This is a critical time for membership. Working together we can ensure Scouting in Montana improves and grows as we introduce new youth to exceptional character-building programs.

Local recruitments and sign-up nights are in full swing. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to grow your local Scouting program. Contact your local district executive to support your sign-up opportunity or call 406-761-6000.

Everyone knows that Scouting is more fun with friends!

Scouts will tell you the most fun experiences are always with their friends. Encourage your Scouts to invite friends to meetings and activities. By participating, new youth will experience the fun your program offers and are likely to keep coming back.

The more Scout friends you have, the greater the experience. Scouts that invite their friends to join can receive a special, limited edition Montana Council Recruiter Patch for their uniform.

Families can enjoy Scouting together!

With the addition of family Scouting programs, whole families can participate in activities and outdoor experiences together! Invite Scouts to bring their parents and siblings to meetings and activities.  Through Scouting, families can strengthen their relationships and spend more time together.

How many new Scouts will you sign up in your area?


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