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Jamboree 2017 Update

Likely by now you are wondering what is the latest with the Montana Contingent going to the National Jamboree in 2017. We have some exciting news to share!

The Scoutmasters for our two troops (yes, we only have two troops, we will discuss this later in this article) have been named. Tony Higuera, Scoutmaster from Troop 1911, Missoula, and Billy Andrews, Scoutmaster from Troop 1115, Florence, have been selected. The committee’s next task will be to interview the Assistant Scoutmaster Candidates to place the 1st Asst Scoutmaster and 2nd Asst Scoutmaster.

The 3rd Asst Scoutmaster is an individual who is 18-21 years old. We currently have no candidates for this position. If you know of someone who would do a good job being the liaison between the boys and the SMs please encourage them to register online.

Once we get the leadership in place the next decision will be the tour opportunities. We plan at least one Troop to tour Washington, D.C., as has happened in the past. We are considering a proposal to send the other Troop to Charlotte, N.C., where the main attraction there will be the National Olympic Whitewater Training Center and an opportunity to participate in activities on the water.

Unfortunately, when we were notified of our allotment from National, we only received two troops. So for now the Jamboree only troop is on hold. If you registered expecting to participate in this troop please contact the Great Falls office to let us know so we can decide how to proceed. We apologize for the inconvenience. We requested three Troops and only received two.

Currently we have about 26 Scouts registered for our two troops so there is plenty of room. If you are interested please get signed up right away. Once we get the leadership finalized we will hit the ground running with more presentations and marketing which means the Troops will fill up quickly.

Lastly, we have one Venture youth and currently no Venture adult leadership. If you are interested as a youth please register right away. If you are an adult interested in the trip please call the Great Falls office and talk to Kyle Smith about the opportunity.

The committee appreciates your patience while we work to put the trip and the leadership together. We know it will be a wonderful experience for your youth. We are trying a few things differently this time around so it is taking us a little longer to get all of the details prepared. We know it will show once we get this put together.

As always if you have any questions about the Jamboree please call the Great Falls office at 761-6000 and ask for Kyle.


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