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Jamboree 2017 Update

The Jamboree contingent met for the first time over the weekend of Sept 8-10 to do a meet and greet.

We held an information session about what to expect for the Jamboree including uniforms, other clothing items, behavior and details of the trip itself. We also did some team building activities as well as some leadership assessments to see our Scouts first hand dealing with leadership scenarios.

We will send out a second newsletter for the participants in the very near future. This will discuss uniforms, patch contest, payments, youth leadership application and contingent adult leadership contact information.

We will be deciding youth leadership positions soon so make sure to watch for the application to be emailed out and return it as quickly as you can.

There is plenty of room to go to the Jamboree. If you are interested please get signed up right away. We are adding new members to the contingent just about every day now so we will fill up quick!

Lastly, we have four Venture youth, we need five more to fill the patrol. If you know of a youth who is interested please get them to register right away.

As always if you have any questions about the Jamboree please call the Great Falls office at 761-6000 and ask for Kyle.

Check out the Jamboree Website and, and call if you have questions.

See some of the excitement! National Jamborees come around once every four years – is 2017 the one for you?


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