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Ideal Year Of Scouting

What is Ideal Year of Scouting? It is providing a year-round, quality Scouting program which should be the goal of every Scouting unit.

The Ideal Year of Scouting helps you develop an annual program plan, a budget to go along with that plan, and a fundraising plan to reach your program goals. The result is a well-managed, well-financed Scouting unit.

The 6 Steps of the Ideal Year of Scouting:

#1 Plan: Map out the advancements, activities, camping and training you’ll need for your Ideal Year of Scouting. Fill out a unit budget.

#2 Fund: Determine the expenses from all the activities, advancements, camping and training your unit wants to do, then decide how much fundraising your unit must do to cover those expenses. The Council Popcorn Sale is a great way to fund your units adventure and only do one fundraiser.

#3 Grow: When you have a good plan, communicate it to your current and potential Scouts to engage more boys in the Scouting program, along with their parents to help make it all happen.

#4 Train: Plan to promote training to your current and new leaders; every Scout deserves a trained leader. Wood Badge is a wonderful training to help all your leaders.

#5 Re-charter: Re-register your unit, in October 2019 with the Council and be sure to include new youth and parents who have joined to update your roster.

#6 Assess: Use the Journey to Excellence worksheet to measure the success of your plan and your year.

Ideal Year of Scouting Video

Each District will be having an Ideal Year of Scouting Training this month.  Dates will be available soon or you can contact your District Executive for more information.


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