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Glacier National Park Service Project

The Boy Scouts have had a proud tradition of performing service projects in Glacier National Park as far back as 1925. Since the BSA Centennial in 2010 Scout units from Montana and Canada have performed outstanding service to Glacier National Park each summer.

Only 250 medals will be minted to recognize those Scouts and Scouters who devote a minimum of 20 service hours in Glacier National Park during the summer of 2018.

Those desiring to participate in this event must sign up for one of the eight weeks initially scheduled.

When filling out the application please make sure to select a first and second desired week of service since your first selection maybe full. A designated week runs from Sunday to Saturday.

Projects may vary between East and West Glacier. The unit is to arrive at the beginning of their week and be given a designated project to work on by the park. Units will have some flexibility in performing their hours of service so they can also enjoy the wonders that Glacier National Park has to offer.

The park will waive the camping fee during the time the service project is being performed. Once the project is completed then the unit must pay the normal camping fee.


Requirements for Participation

Units who wish to participate in this event must:

  • be a currently chartered unit of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • have fully trained leaders.
  • commit to a certain week to fulfill their service requirement in the park.
  • uphold the highest standards of the Boy Scouts of America both in conduct and uniform standards.
  • obey the Bear Aware and Leave No Trace principles.
  • strictly adhere to the National Park Service rules and regulations.
  • have a valid Boy Scouts of America Tour Permit.

All participants must:

  • be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • be physically and mentally fit to meet the challenge.
  • must have a current BSA physical and meet the high and weight standards prescribed
  • by the national council (all parts must be completed in its entirety with all required signatures). 2 Copies
  • complete a Volunteer Service Agreement Form for the National Park Service. 1 Copy
  • complete a BSA   Activity Consent Form and Approval by Parents or Legal Guardian.
  • must have a complete Official Scout Uniform (Shirt, trousers, socks, belt, neckerchief).


Unit leaders only need to submit the Unit Application Form to register (See Attachment). Each unit must attempt to fill all of the 15 Scout and 2 adult slots. Our goal is to fill all of the allocations each week to give every Scout the opportunity to attend this once in a lifetime event. If you have a small unit then please partnership with another unit to fill the allocations.  Send all applications and fees to Jim Atkinson, Box 412, Kalispell, MT 59903. INFO: or 406-249-6765.

The following forms are required for each unit or individual participating.

  1. Unit Tour Permit (Troop or Pack)
  2. BSA Medical Form (Individual)
  3. BSA Activity Consent Form and Approval by Parents or Legal Guardian Form (Individual)
  4. Volunteer Services Agreement for Natural Resources Agencies Form (Individual)


Units should plan on arriving Sunday afternoon or Monday morning at the latest. The park entrance fee has been waived for those units signed up for this event. A specific camping area will be set asid and units should plan on setting up camp immediately upon arrival. Service projects will normally run from Monday through Friday.


All Scouts and leaders need to have a complete Official Scout Uniform to be worn while traveling to and from Glacier National Park. It will also be needed when attending any official park-related activities for the campfire programs or educational talks. The activity uniform, Scout shorts, Scout socks and a Scout, troop, or camp T-shirt is appropriate attire for service projects. If any projects will require special clothing, then those units will be notified before coming. All participants should bring work gloves.


Each unit is required to have a minimum of two registered adult leaders at this event. All adult leaders must have completed Youth Protection Training, Basic Leader Essentials, Safety Afloat, Safe Swim Defense and Severe Weather Training prior to arrival. One leader must be currently certified in CPR and Basic First Aid.

Mature leadership is vital to the success of a unit’s stay while at Glacier National Park.


Enforcing the buddy system. The buddy system is to be enforced at all times while in the park. Scouts need to have a buddy in project areas, program areas, on hikes and any other activity they are engaged in.


The 12 points of the Scout Law guide our everyday lives. As Scouts and Leaders, we are judged by how we measure up to the Scout Law. At Glacier National Park, your unit will be highly visible to the public at all times. Whether on the trail or in the campground our behavior must set a standard for all to emulate. Those units who violate the park or BSA regulations and policies will be asked to leave the park immediately.


Service projects will be determined by the park needs. They will range from painting, vegetation restoration, weed eradication, campground repairs to trail work, and much more.


One of the most important ingredients to any Scouting event is safety. In order to see that your stay in Glacier National Park is a rewarding one we encourage the following:

  • Closed toed shoes must be worn at all times unless participating in any water activities.
  • Walk on all park designated trails.
  • Operate gas stoves and lanterns properly.
  • Be safe with fire. Make sure all fires are not left unattended and totally out when you leave camp.
  • Store all food and food-related items in vehicles when not in camp and at night.
  • No food or beverages in tents. This will attract various animals and insects.
  • Ensure Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat and Severe Weather guidelines are used at all times.
  • Practice Bear Aware and Leave No Trace Principles at all times.

The Scout Handbook and Field Book cover it all.


Glacier National Park weather can change rapidly. Mornings are cool and afternoons can be quite warm. All participants should bring the proper type of clothing for the season. A poncho is the best rain gear to carry since you can cover up a pack when you are hiking. Headgear should be a must and plenty of sunscreen. Remember “Be Prepared”.

All units are required to bring their own camping equipment and food. Campsites in a national park are small so try to avoid bringing excess equipment you will not need. Each campsite will have a picnic table and fire ring. There is no firewood gathering in the park except certain locations. If you plan on using wood to cook on or a campfire at night you may want to bring some wood.


Proposed Schedule for 2018

July 8-14
July 15-21
July 22-28
July 29-August 4
August 5-11
August 12-18
August 19-25
August 26-September1

*Projects and location will vary depending on the needs of the park and are subject to change.


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