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Gardner-Wavrant Receives Medal Of Merit

Eagle Scout Saves Swimmer From Current

Congratulations to Eagle Scout Nolan Gardner-Wavrant, Troop 115, (Stevensville/Florence) led by Scoutmaster Billy Andrews, for receiving the National BSA Medal of Merit for Meritorious Action.

Nolan and his family were swimming at the Bitterroot River by the Florence Bridge. A nearby group of kids were playing by jumping off the bridge – which we know is not smart – into the water below. The current by the piles of the bridge was strong and one of those kids got caught in it and couldn’t get out.

The endangered swimmer started panicking and yelling for help. Nolan swam to the boy and brought him to shore.

This is the second time Nolan used life-saving skills he learned as a Scout to save someone’s life. Thank you Nolan, Mullan Trail District, for your bravery! And thanks to Fabienne Gardner-Wavrant for the photos and information.

The Medal of Merit recognizes those who have performed acts of service of a rare or exceptional character that reflect an uncommon degree of concern for the well-being of others.

Want to nominate someone to receive the Lifesaving and Meritorious Action Award? Find more information and application here.


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