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Fast Cars & Fun During Central District Pinewood Derby

75 Cars In The March 20, 2022, Lewistown Event

On Sunday, March 20, 2022, the Central District Cub Scout Pinewood Derby was held at the Lewistown Civic Center. We had an amazing turnout for cars. This year we invited the Boys & Girls Club of Lewistown to race with us. We were honored to share the track with this great organization. As the checkered flag dropped, we had 75 cars entered and ready to race.

The outcome of the races are as follows:

  • Best of Show Awards – Jenni S. & Madison S.
  • Grand Champion – Eli S.
    • The op two racers from each group raced four times to determine the Grand Champion.

Cub Scouts Race Results

  • 1st – Eli S.
  • 2nd – Matthew S.
  • 3d – Nolan R.
  • 4th – Madison S.
  • 5th – Logan M.
  • 6th – Christopher M.
  • 7th – Jesse S.
  • 8th – Joel B.
  • 9th – Claire B.
  • 10th – Astrid H
  • The Fuel-Efficient Car – Jace B.

The Open Class Race Results:

  • 1st –  Trek B.
  • 2nd – Jenni S.
  • 3rd – Jamisen H.
  • 4th – Jax P.
  • 5th – Mac R.
  • 6th – Marcus J. & Michael H.
  • 7th – Addisyn D.
  • 8th – Nolan R.
  • 9th – Trey K and
  • 10th – Brody M.

We would like to thank all the volunteers that were involved in making the event a success. Also, a big huge thank you to the City of Lewistown Civic Center for providing a great place to have the races.

Click here to find a Cub Scout unit in your neighborhood? Or contact Senior District Executive Dave Snyder.


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