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Fall Recruitment: Rocket Into Scouting!

We have adopted a new theme for this fall’s recruiting campaign. It is Rocket into Scouting!

Our flyers will have a picture of a den launching their rockets. We are also offering a free Gnome rocket kit to each new Scout who attends, signs up and pays all their fees before the end of September so they can participate in their district’s Rocket Academy in October. This is an exciting way to get new families to sign up for Scouting and have a fun activity to participate in right after they join!

We are quickly approaching the most important date on the Scouting calendar, your Pack’s recruiting event! Cub Scout Packs throughout the Council have started planning successful recruiting events and activities leading up to this exciting night. To sum it up, this one recruitment session will set the tone for the entire Scouting year!

The question is: Will your unit grow significantly (steady growth is the best indicator of a healthy unit), and will positive, helpful, and new parents be recruited to fill every volunteer role?

We are introducing a new way of running your sign up event so you will want to attend your district Cub Recruiting Orientation/ Training set for an upcoming date. The new way is called station to station recruiting.   We are asking that you have a representative at this important orientation to better explain the recruiting plan.   Now, it is up to you, so follow the plan. Give your kids and their friends –all boys who are interested- the opportunity to join a great program.

You also should contact your district executive to place your order for free flyers, posters and yard signs to be used for your recruiting event. Your district executive will gladly print up flyers for you with your specific recruiting event information! Your district executive also has a packet of materials that includes the mini Boys’ Life magazine, Parents Guide, Parent information Envelope, Sign-In Roster, Cub Recruiting Playbook and our ever popular New Leader Guide. The rockets for your new Scouts will be available for you to distribute at your recruiting event.

In person trainings offered by your district leadership are scheduled as follows:

• Black Otter- August 16th
 • Mullan Trail- August 18th
 • Northwest- August 23rd
 • Prickly Pear- August 15th
 • Silver Tip- August 25th

If your district is not on this list please contact your district executive to see when the next offering is scheduled. It is very likely the first round of opportunities to participate in this training has already happened.

This year we are planning to conduct webinars in addition to the district recruiting orientations. You will need to click on the link to register and receive an email with the webinar access information. We will conduct those webinars on the following dates:

To register for the webinar on Tuesday August 30th @ 6:30pm click on this link:

To register for the webinar on September 1st @ 7pm click on this link:

To register for the webinar on September 7th @ 6pm click on this link:




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