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Executive Staff Updates Part Three

If you are a regular reader of the MT Trails or active in the districts that have seen executive staff leave, you know there have been some openings for district executives. We are proud to announce the NEXT change we have made so far.

The latest new member of the executive staff is Amber Rider.

Amber will serve as the Hi Line/NuOohSka district executive starting July 1st. We are excited to have her join Team 315.

Amber has most recently worked for the Office of Public Assistance in Great Falls and has a son who has participated in Scouting since he joined as a Cub.

Amber served in several capacities while supporting her son’s Pack and Troop participation. Specifically, she served as a committee member for both the Pack and Troop, Committee Chair with the Troop among other supporting roles.

We believe Amber will bring hands-on experience that will help strengthen Scouting in both districts.

Amber is looking forward to meeting all of the leaders in both districts. If you receive a call and message, please call her back so she can introduce herself to you.

We will update the contact information once we have it. Amber will have an office in Great Falls but will spend most of her time in the districts.

Welcome, Amber!

Thank you for your patience as we work through the vacancies and service districts as quickly and efficiently as we can.

As always if you have any questions about the hirings or unit needs please contact Kyle Smith, Director of Field Service in Great Falls for assistance:


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