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Elections Time

Now is Your Chance to Live Longer - Grow in your Scouting Community

April is elections month in Mountain Valley. What does that mean? First, it means that a Nominating Committee is formed and they talk to existing committee members and prospective committee members about positions that need to be filled. The Nominating Committee presents a list (slate) of people for the District Committee who agree to serve, and then we vote during April Roundtable. Voting members include existing Committee members and all Charter Organization Representatives. Wow, that was a very boring explanation.

Here is what really happens. In Mountain Valley, Mike O’Donnell and his trusty nominating committee are talking to leaders and parents about all the opportunities to serve on the District Committee. They look for people who want to bring activities to life, learn new skills, work with other wonderful adults, and develop personal leadership skills. On the District Committee, you get a chance to focus your unique skills and passion and ultimately make a difference in the lives of youth through Scouting. Personal challenge brings growth and fulfillment, but even better, having friends and meaningful community extends your life. According to a study that has lasted nearly 80 years, what makes people live longest isn’t genetics. It is the quality of your relationships that determines the quality and length of your life. Now you can think of this election time as an opportunity for you to grow your community, bring joy to your life, and live longer! All you have to do is email Mike O’Donnell or District Chair Tina O’Donnell and find out what Mountain Valley needs, and where you can enjoy serving the great cause of Scouting in jobs that are scaled to your time and interest. Explore your options today!


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