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Eat Wings, Raise Funds: 2021

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On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, Buffalo Wild Wings® will be hosting another STATEWIDE “Eat Wings, Raise Funds” fundraiser for the Montana Council.

Lunch or dinner, we hope you’ll enjoy not only a fun time out with friends and family, but also help support the Boy Scouts of America, Montana Council.

On the day of our event, Buffalo Wild Wings® will donate 20% of sales from redeemed coupons to the Montana Council.

Attached below is a copy of the event coupon for you to print or have digitally. Please distribute to everyone you know. The more people you invite = the more money we will raise. This year, we also are providing a digital coupon you can post and share online and through social media.

The coupons are labeled by the city. Please make sure you are using the correct coupon for your location.

The only rule is that you cannot pass out these coupons at the restaurant.

Coupons are valid for takeout orders called in over the phone. Orders placed online or through the app will not be applied toward the fundraiser.

Please note that not everyone at a table has to have a coupon as long as they are part of the group dining with someone that has a coupon.

You can also download the coupon on your device. If you don’t have a printed copy, just open the correct PDF below.

We thank you for your continued support of this invaluable organization and the thousands of youth in our great state.

See you on December 15th!

Download coupon sheets for distribution to as many people as possible:

Billings Coupon Sheet 2021

Bozeman Coupon Sheet 2021

Butte Coupon Sheet 2021

Great Falls Coupon Sheet 2021

Helena Coupon Sheet 2021

Kalispell Coupon Sheet 2021

Missoula Coupon Sheet 2021

Download single coupons for use on mobile devices and digital distribution:

Billings Digital Coupon 2021

Bozeman Digital Coupon 2021

Butte Digital Coupon 2021

Great Falls Digital Coupon 2021

Helena Digital Coupon 2021

Kalispell Digital Coupon 2021

Missoula Digital Coupon 2021


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