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DSE Corner: ICL Breakfast & New Website

It’s a great day for Scouting in Montana.

Thank you for your support of Scouting. This week we have a couple of exciting things to direct your attention.

First is the launch of our new website. If you have not seen the site yet or are reading this on the newly redesigned pages, I encourage you to click around and check it out – and share with others.

While there are still some minor updates, I think you will find that the new layout is easy to navigate, and the clean look is refreshing. Our previous website served us for nearly ten years, and a lot has happened in our council during that time.  

The new website aims to provide easier access to resources – for new visitors and returning alike – and is significantly less expensive to host and maintain.

I want to give a special shout-out to Lido Vizzutti, our Marketing Specialist, as well as Kyle Pucko and his team at Pintler Group. They have worked tirelessly throughout the past several months to make the site a reality.

Secondly is a reminder that tomorrow at 7:00 a.m., we will host our statewide Investment in Character and Leadership kickoff breakfast. It will be presented virtually at

Things will feel different this year as we cannot see the usual large rooms of friends and supporters gathering to make a financial commitment to Scouting and their communities. Rest assured, they will be there! This is also a good opportunity for local units to encourage parental participation in a unique way. The messaging used throughout the presentation applies to all levels and all components of Scouting.  

Why should you support the Montana Council? Easy. Imagine taking your car to a mechanic and asking them to service or repair your vehicle. Now, looking around, you noticed that they don’t have any tools. You would surely wonder what exactly is happening in this shop and, more importantly, how they can complete their job.

It’s that simple. Your financial support gives us the tools and resources we need to deliver Scouting in Montana. So, please consider helping us fill our toolbox and continue our efforts to make Scouting stronger in Montana, in every community and in your local units.

Scouting doesn’t exist without the National Council, the Montana Council, your district, your unit and every individual Scout Family.

Scouting is difficult right now. The pandemic has impacted the ability to come together and host Scouting activities. But we have faced big storms before and come out stronger on the other side.

Are there things we can do better? Always. And it takes all of us to do that, to be better. Think of it this way, when your car stops running you don’t remove more parts or ignore it. You address the issue and get what it needs to run better. The Montana Council counts on your attention and support to make Scouting better for all.

In the words of Henry Ford – When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the plane takes off against the wind, not with it.

Have a great day, everyone, and again thanks for all of your support.

Jory Dellinger


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