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Cyberbulling, We All Are Responsible

Many of you may have read the recent article from “Bryan on Scouting” on Cyberbullying.

If not, here is a link: “How to understand, recognize and prevent cyberbullying” 

Cyberbullying is no joke. It can be aimed at people of all ages, even in Montana, but bullying can be especially devastating to youth.

Cyberbullying can be miserable for the victim and the ultimate outcome can be suicide on the part of the targeted individual.

As Scout Leaders, no matter what our role, we must ensure we are aware of the signs of bullying (see the article), whether physical or cyber and if noted, take rapid and effective actions to stop it.

If it is reported to us, we need to ensure we are taking the report seriously and it is fully investigated.

We must ensure the responsibility for the bullying is not, in some twisted fashion, laid on the victim.

Scouters, that is all part of our responsibilities in caring for the youth entrusted to our care and a cornerstone of Youth Protection.

Tom Russell
Montana Youth Protection Champion


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