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Congrats MOHAB On NCAP Accreditation

The Montana High Adventure Base (MOHAB) recently achieved its NCAP accreditation and is already into another great season. of adventures!

They faced record snowpack for the Teton Marias range and had to work around four inches and road closures at one of their popular trailheads, Benchmark Campground.

The MOHAB staff, which included three new first-year instructors, was able to plan new treks for their crews and overcome adversity by trekking in unexplored places and new river corridors.

MOHAB is excited to keep growing as a program and can’t wait to continue to explore new wild places!

Visit Montana High Adventure Base (MOHAB) for more information.

Pictured left to right: From left to right: Alex Crawford, Stephen Miller, Michael Villota, Luke Coccolli, Rich Evans (NCAP), Jimmy Parsons, Seth Swango and Greg Disario



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