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Commissioner Perspective, The Impact Of Training

College Of Commissioner Science Training

Class of College of Commissioner Science Training: Nov. 5, 2022

Commissioners throughout Montana met in person and virtually on Saturday, November 5th at the Montana College of Commissioner Science in Missoula, Mont. Travis Deaton, District Commissioner of the Mullan Trail District, hosted the event that provided training to more than 20 commissioners.  Many commissioners earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Commissioner Science, and several accomplished continuing education in Roundtable Science.

Commissioners are Scouting’s first line of support for units and leaders and are some of the most important volunteers in the Boy Scouts of America. These specially trained volunteers serve units throughout the council and assist them with tasks including the annual recharter.

This training is critical for council success, the success of units and districts, all the way down to delivering the promise of Scouting to the youth. Hear directly from three commissioners on the impact of the College of Commissioner Science training.

There is more to being a Commissioner than just attending a unit meeting once a month. Commissioners have an important role in keeping healthy units in the Montana Council!

Attending Commissioner College adds to our training and understanding of the volunteer job that makes us better at it! We delve deeper into understanding all of the pieces of a BSA council and how we can help each unit understand it, too.  Understanding is the first component in working together and appreciate what it takes to make us great!

The bottom line is, we are all here for the youth of Montana, to make sure they have the best Scouting experience they can!

Commissioner College brings Commissioners together, learning and sharing ideas. We learn about the council, talk about the units, share the good and bad of everything we encounter. We encourage each other, help each other and enjoy each other, too. We share contact information with each other and continue to connect with one another when we have success and when we need assistance. And we help each other define our job and how to keep up with the unit contacts.

The Team 315 leadership knows and appreciates everything we do. They are there for us, to help, answer questions and support us, too, anyway they can.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this outstanding team of people!

Julie Hille, Mullan Trail Assistant District Commissioner

I took the master’s course. I just received my commission and first intro assignment in August. I have a Pack that is struggling with membership. The training I received was right on point in several ways that will help me assist the pack with information. But not only will it help me inform them but it will help me use their own ideas and desires to help them help themselves. Add to that the info you get from other commissioners and this training like all training is invaluable.” 

John Hall, Unit Commissioner Prickly Pear District

A very informative adventure indeed. The time seemed short for the volume of teaching that went on. The networking times were very helpful also. Everyone seemed willing to brainstorm for ideas to strengthen and enrich Scouting. 

Mike Cysewski, Unit Commissioner, Prickly Pear District

Want to know more about being a commissioner, visit the Boy Scouts of America Commissioners Page or contact Montana Council Commissioner Gary Ely. Keep up to date on upcoming training on our Commissioners Resources page of this site.


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