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Charter Renewal Season Is Upon Us

Unit Leaders! Charter renewal season is upon us.

There was a fee increase on August 1, 2020, which needs to be accounted for in the paperwork. Leaders can check with their District or Unit Commissioner for details. We are looking for 100% of units to charter on or before November 21, 2020.

Things that usually hold this up are:

1. Youth Protection Training – if a unit knows that someone won’t be continuing, please have them removed from the charter to clear any training issues.

2. Signatures – Plan on getting the Institutional Head’s signature processed early on (BTW, the charter organization fee also saw an increase this year, so get them ready as well)

3. Money – Ensure that the unit has sufficient funds to process the charter this year.

Along with the charter, Commissioners will be working through the new Journey To Excellence (COVID edition) with units.  Contact your unit commissioner to set up an appointment to walk through the form.

Have further questions? Contact Gary Ely, Council Commissioner 


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