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Character Development in the BSA, Montana Council.

Building Tomorrow's Leaders

Fostering Trust, Courage, and Values in Montana’s Youth

Character development is at the heart of Boy Scouts of America in Montana. It’s what sets us apart as an organization dedicated to shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Montana is a special place to be a Scout, with access to a wilderness full of outdoor adventures. Scouts are not simply exploring nature; they are embarking on a journey of self-discovery, learning essential values, and developing character that will serve them for a lifetime.

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Teaching Trustworthiness:

One of the foundational values we impart to Scouts is trustworthiness. Trust is the footing upon which strong individuals and communities are built. Scouts learn to tell the truth and keep promises. They understand that people can depend on them and that their word is their bond.

Being trustworthy includes, but goes far beyond, just being honest. It means being dependable, being a person who lives up to their word and acts with integrity in everything they do. This is why we begin the Scout Oath with “On my honor.”

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Cultivating Loyalty:

Loyalty is another pillar of character development in Scouting. We teach Scouts to care deeply about their family, friends, Scout leaders, school, and country. In Montana, loyalty often means a deep love for the land, and we encourage our Scouts to protect and maintain the natural beauty of their home.

Through the “Leave No Trace” principles, Scouts learn to enjoy the great outdoors while respecting it. They’re taught to leave campsites better than they found them! Preserving the beauty of Montana for future generations and demonstrating loyalty to the environment.

Check out the Montana Scouts commercial below of Scouts welcoming a family into their camp fire as part of the “Log Off Lace Up” Campaign.

Fostering Courage:

Courage is a character trait that sets Scouts apart. In Montana, the spirit of the outdoors inspires bravery. Our Scouts learn to face difficult situations, even when fear is present. Whether it’s conquering a challenging hike or learning to start a fire, they’re taught to do what they believe is right.

Courage-building can be seen on challenging wilderness treks or in moments of heroism. When being prepared makes the difference. These experiences empower Scouts to confront their fears and demonstrate resilience, instilling a sense of courage that extends far beyond the outdoor adventures.

Living the Values:

The Scout Law, a cornerstone of our program, consists of 12 values that guide Scouts along their journey. These values include being helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, clean, and reverent. Scouts live by these principles in their daily lives and carry them beyond Scouting.

Scouts understand the importance of being helpful. They assist others without expecting rewards. They showcase friendliness by being a friend to everyone, even to those who are very different from them. Courtesy and kindness are evident in the politeness and good manners they display.


The Importance of Character Development:

Character development is not just an optional facet of Scouting.; It’s the core of our mission. We believe that a strong character is imperative for success and happiness in life. By instilling these values in our sons and daughters from a young age, we are equipping them with the tools to become responsible, compassionate, and dependable individuals.

Character development extends beyond individual growth; it contributes to the betterment of communities, fostering a spirit of service and dedication among our youth. In Montana, where close-knit communities are a way of life, this is especially important.

What to Expect Enrolling in Scouting?

BSA, Montana Council is not an outdoor adventure club; it’s a character development program. Our Scouts are taught to be trustworthy, loyal, and brave. They learn the values of helpfulness, friendliness, courtesy, and kindness. They embrace obedience, cheerfulness, thriftiness, cleanliness, and reverence. These principles shape them into leaders and responsible citizens that Montana and our world need.

Join us in our mission to raise a generation of Montana leaders who are not just connected to the outdoors but deeply connected to their values, their communities, and the world around them.


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