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Auction Nov. 13, 2021: Supporting Montana Scouting

The catalog for the November 13, 2021, North American Auction Co. auction is live on the auction house website: Western, Antique Auction Nov. 13th. We are excited to continue our partnership with North American Auction Co. in Bozeman and participate in this upcoming online auction.

Among the items for auction, we are honored to have a stunning, custom oil painting by Therese LaChance Ely. Mrs. Ely is an Award-winning artist known for her “Mountain-scapes,” inspired by back country hiking adventures in Glacier National Park and the surrounding vistas. Thank you, Mrs. Ely, for the generous donation. And thank you to all those who donated items to this auction to support Scouting.

Scouting is strong in our communities. However, we still have a ways to go to reach our fundraising goal for 2021. Again, we sincerely thank each of you who have donated goods and for North American Auction Co.’s continued help to reach our goals and for this opportunity to help fund a young person’s Scouting adventure.

Here are some of the lots that will directly benefit the Montana Council and Scouting in the state. Stay tuned for future auctions as well.

Lot #400: Norman Rockwell “Men Of Tomorrow”

Estimate: 250.00 – 500.00 USD

In this lot is a Norman Rockwell (1894 to 1978) ‘Men of Tomorrow’ print. ‘Men of Tomorrow’ was done for a 1948 calendar illustration for the Boy Scouts of America for Brown & Bigelow Co. In 1924, Rockwell began painting what would become a half-century of calendar images for the Boys Scouts of America. Each of these featured a scouting-themed painting using models from his successive hometowns of New Rochelle, New York, Arlington, Vermont, and Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The yearly calendar was published by Brown & Bigelow, one of the nation’s largest calendar publishers. Today, the Boys Scouts of America own a sizable portion of the fifty-two calendar scenes that Rockwell painted. This depiction of boy scouts preparing to canoe was used as the 1948 calendar illustration. The print has minor damage and is loose in the frame, which also has minor damage. The print measures 19 3/4″ X 15 3/4″ and is in a 24″ X 20″ frame.
Lot #570: Charles E. Murphy Mallard Duck Framed Print

Estimate: 300.00 – 600.00 USD

Available in this lot is a framed print of a pair of Mallard ducks by Charles E. Murphy originating from the mid-1900s. Charles E. Murphy is an American wildlife artist known for his depictions of waterfowl. The print displays a male and female pair of mallard ducks in flight. The pair is depicted flying into a clump of reeds. The piece is signed across the bottom, reading “Charles E. Murphy”. The art is set into a wooden frame with a woven string patterned border. The frame measures 12 1/4″ wide by 15 3/8″ tall with the art measuring 10 1/2″ tall by 7 1/2″ wide.

Lot #665: Original Sheila Bainbridge Crimson Shrike Painting

Estimate: 200.00 – 400.00 USD

Featured in this lot is an original Sheila Bainbridge painting of a Crimson-Breasted Shrike. The Crimson-breasted Shrike is a small bird native to southern Africa and has an orange coloration subspecies. The painting displays a shrike perched on a dead branch with a grasshopper in its mouth. The shrike displays its wonderful black coloration with its signature crimson belly and a white stripe along the wing. The background displays an arid landscape with dead branches and plants. The art is signed in the bottom right corner, reading “Sheila Bainbridge”. The art is set into a wooden frame with a tan border around the art. The piece shows good condition overall, with little to no wear across the frame. The frame measures 16 1/4″ wide by 13 1/4″ tall, with the art measuring 12″ wide by 9″ tall.
Lot #668: Therese LaChance Ely Backroad To Lewistown Art

Estimate: 350.00 – 700.00 USD

Featured in this lot is an original signed painting titled “Backroad to Lewistown” by Therese La Chance Ely, originating from 2019. Therese LaChance Ely is a Montana artist known for her “Mountain-Scapes” inspired by Glacier National Park and beautiful Montana scenery. Therese’s art can be found in galleries across the country and predominately displayed in Kalispell and Bigfork, Montana. The painting displays a wonderful winding dirt road weaving past a barbwire fence and electrical lines. The painting displays a ridge of forest and grass-covered mountains rising in the distance under a blue sky. The piece is signed in the bottom right-hand corner, reading “Therese LeChance Ely”. The art is set into a black frame with a gilt gold border on the frame. The back of the piece is marked “Backroad to Lewistown 2019 Therese LaChance Ely”. The piece shows good condition overall, with some light wear across the painting. The frame measures 19 1/2″ wide by 15 1/2″ tall, with the art measuring 18″ wide by 14″ tall.

Lot #669: Geese Framed Watercolor Painting By James Wantulok

Estimate: 150.00 – 300.00 USD

Included in this lot is a framed James J. Wantulok watercolor painting titled “Geese”, originating from 1980. James J. Wantulok is a Montana wildlife artist located in Bozeman, Montana. He is known for his depictions of game birds and waterfowl. This watercolor depicts five Canadian Geese in flight as they start to land on an open field. The painting shows a blue sky and a brown field with the silhouettes of trees in the background. The bottom of the painting is signed “J. Wantulok”. The painting is set into a wood frame with a paper oval border around the art. The back of the frame features a wildlife painting with information on the artist and painting. The piece shows good condition overall, with some light wear across the frame. The frame measures 19 1/4″ wide by 16″ tall, with the art measuring 11 1/4″ wide by 8 1/2″ tall.
Lot #739: “Mallard Pair – Early Winter” By Robert Bateman

Estimate: 150.00 – 300.00 USD

Featured in this lot is a framed Wildlife Habitat Conservation print by Robert Bateman, titled “Mallard Pair – Early Winter”. Robert Bateman is a Canadian painter and nature enthusiast. He is a well-known artist with a talent for putting nature directly to canvas. This print depicts a male and female mallard duck standing on a thin sheet of ice on the edge of a lake. The print displays a patch of reeds across the bottom with water and a thin sheet of ice across the center. The painting was made for Canadian postal stamps and shows the stamp below the print. The bottom of the print is signed in pencil and marked on the print “Robert Bateman 1985”. The print is set into a wood frame with a light blue border around the print. The piece shows good condition overall, with the back showing a paper with information on the piece. The frame measures 16 3/4″ wide by 14 3/4″ tall and the art measures 9 3/4″ wide by 7 1/2″ tall.
Lot #748: Numbered Eagle Statue By Red Mill Co.1980

Estimate: 100.00 – 300.00 USD

For your consideration in this lot is this resin Eagle statue made by the Red Mill Company in 1980. Original items made in the US with the look of carved redwood are cast of a crushed pecan resin, and then lacquered by hand. The original Red Mill company that made figurines from pecan shells in the USA is no longer in business. The eagle is noble in its poise on top of a rock formation. The resin is in a rich “redwood” color and shows great detail in the carving of the feathers. On the base is marked “Red Mill Copyright 1980 #901.” The statue measures 20″ tall and the base is 8 1/2″ X 8 1/2″. This statue is in very good condition. All proceeds from the sale of this item go to the Boy Scouts of America: Montana Council.


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