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Assessing Risk & Event Safety Checklist

How do I as a leader assess risk? What is the BSA Event Safety Checklist

It is March and many of us are starting to dream about warmer weather and all the Council events coming up like: District Camporees, Cub Scout Day Camps, OA Ordeal, NYLT, Summer camp, 50 milers, Wood Badge and so on.

Many of us are in charge of putting these events together. Meeting with your youth and adult staff and assessing the risks for the event is the smart thing to do.

Leaders should be as careful with the safety of participants in their activities as they would be with the safety of their own children and family members.

You are encouraged to use the Unit Activity Plan for unit only type activities. This is a tool to help you determine that you have all your requirements covered.

Ask yourself the question: How do I assess risks?

  • The BSA National Health and Safety Committee has developed the tools to help assess risks in Scouting:

Event Safety Checklist

  • A Guide to Safe Scouting: How do I assess risks?

How Do I Assess Risks?

The attached BSA checklist provides guidance on safety issues that you may encounter at a Scouting event. This is a tool, not a list of mandatory guidelines. The intent of the checklist is to create conversations among event organizers around risks and ways to mitigate or eliminate them.

Thank you for being part of the Scouting in Montana and creating an exciting and safe experience for every participant.

Tony Higuera
Chairman Risk Management Committee



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