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Akela Land: For Tigers, Wolves & Bears

Announcing an exciting opportunity for Tigers, Wolves, and Bears. Akela Land, an awesome three-day-two-night camp in Dillion, is designed specifically for you!

When: August 10th – 12th, 2017
Where: Birch Creek Outdoor Education Center, Dillon

Activities include Shooting Sports, Nature Trail, Scavenger Hunt/Map Reading, Whittling Chip, Leave no Trace, Dinosaur Hunt, Bobcat Trail, Builder and other adventures.

Tigers will need to be accompanied by their adult partner.

Wolves and Bears will need at least one Adult for each four Scouts, with a minimum of two adults. (Two-Deep leadership required.)

Some dormitory style lodging will be available or you are welcome to bring your own tent and have a true camping experience. Cost is $120.00 per scout, $50.00 per adult and $45.00 per sibling.

Akela (pronounced Ah-KAY-la) means “Good Leader”. Mark your calendars today to learn more about becoming a good leader while having fun!

If you need more information or if you have questions, contact:

Gerald Penn – 406-925-9184 |
Shon Ostler – 406-241-6014 |

Director Penn is from Dillion and has traveled with his son and 2nd-year Cubs to Newport, WA. to attend an Akela camp. Gerald has received special training in New Jersey to be our Akela Land director and is excited to offer this opportunity to our youngest Scouts.

Visit the Akela Land Facebook Page for additional information or visit the official Montana Council Akela Land webpage.


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