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2017 Convention: Council Nominating Committee

Each year, Montana Council convenes a nominating committee to prepare a slate of officers and members at large to be elected at the Council Annual Meeting. This year our annual meeting will be held on April 29th,  as part of the Annual Convention.

This year our annual meeting will be held on April 29, 2017  as part of the Annual Convention in Helena, Montana.

This year’s nominating committee will be chaired by Jim Morin, and other members of the committee include former Council Presidents David Brown and David Nash.

If you have someone you would like considered for a council leadership position, please submit their name and a brief list of qualifications to:

Scout Executive, Gordon Rubard

Deadline for submissions is April 3rd.

Your suggestions will be shared with the committee. Please note that no nominations will be accepted “from the floor” on the day of the meeting.

Keep Montana Council strong – thanks for your support!


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