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2016 Montana Statewide Pinewood Derby Results

The 2016 statewide PWD was held over the weekend with a challenge to find out who had the fastest car in Montana! Wow, did we have some fast cars! We had a car that hit 210.48mph!

Thank you to all the families who participated in person for the race. We had a total of 25 cars participate in 5 different divisions including 8 in the open division. Here are the results by division:

Tiger Division

1. Tram B Pack 4360
2. Davin F Pack 4996
3. Kaden K Pack 3143

Wolf Division

1. Austin K Pack 4143
2. Johnathon G Pack 3671
3. Christian R Pack 3143

Bear Division

1. Tal B Pack Pack 4360
2. Severin H Pack 4430
3. Corey C Pack 3143

Webelos Division

1. Lane L Pack 3032
2. Hunter G Pack 3032
3. Joshua G Pack 3671

Open Division

1. Ben B
2. Hunter G
3. Kolton K

And the fastest Cub Scout car in Montana with an average speed of 211.78mph is Tal B from Pack 4360!

All cars, trophies and patches not picked up at the race will be sent back the owners through your respective district executive/ district director.


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