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Montana Council Staff

Council Executive Officers

Leadership Team

Unit Serving Executives

Black Otter & Shortgrass Districts


District Executive

Contact Kyle Lantz for questions.


Badlands, Buffalo Plains & Central Districts

Dave Snyder

Senior District Executive

Hi Line, Lewis & Clark Districts

Levi Knight

District Director

Mountain Valley District

Renee Stephens

District Executive

Mullan Trail & Silvertip Districts

Scott Jourdonnais

Senior District Executive

Prickly Pear & Vigilante districts

Blake Chase

District Executive

camp rangers

Melita Island Scout Camp

Duane Hille

Lead Ranger

K-M Scout Ranch

Nick Williams


Grizzly Base Camp

Jim Atkinson


Administrative Professionals

Great Falls

Council Service Center and Scout Shop

Phone: 406-761-6000
Fax: 406-761-4480


Field Office & Scout Store

Phone: 406-259-4513
Fax: 406-259-9415


Field Office & Scout Store

Phone: 406-585-0272
Fax: 406-587-2812


Field Office & Scout Store

Phone: 406-926-1810
Fax: 406-926-1811


Program Secretary
Kirsten Steele

Accounting Assistant
Vanessa Riphenburg
Sales Associate
Jolinda Golding
Sales Associate
Helen Abbey
Office Associate
Frank Hanosek
Development & Marketing Assistant
Audrey Hayes