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Did you know that Scouts say being involved with Scouting helps them be more honest, improves their ability to work with others, helps them become stronger team players and better understand and sympathize with those less fortunate?

Scouting provides an in-person, active, program that is a safe place for young men and women to explore on their own, build confidence and become the best versions of themselves.

It’s not something we do for them. It’s something they do for themselves. We help provide the tools they can use to be the most successful along the path. We help them to be prepared. Scouts is where boys and girls get out in the local Montana wilderness, develop a love of service by volunteering in the community, boost leadership skills through fun and exciting challenges, and create memories of a lifetime with no prior Scouting experience required.

It’s not just the youth who benefit from Scouting. It truly is for the whole family. More time together hiking, exploring, and being involved in the community means you get to be a part of your child’s path of adventure as they grow into ethical leaders. And the best part? It’s tons of fun.

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