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Wilderness First Aid Instructor Development Course In Montana Council

Are you ever out with your Scout unit and find yourself more than one hour from medical treatment? Since you are Scouting in Montana, the answer to this is probably yes. It also means your unit needs at least one leader who is Wilderness First Aid (WFA) trained. This is the BSA First Aid Safety Requirement whenever you are one or more hours from medical assistance. 

The Wilderness First Aid Course is a 16+ hour experience that includes hands-on first aid practice. There is currently only one BSA course offered in Montana Council each year. We need more leaders who can complete the WFA Instructor Development Course – the course certifying you to instruct WFA and become a Course Director. 

You can now take the WFA Instructor Development Course right here in Montana Council!

The WFA-IDC course is offered in conjunction with the upcoming April Wilderness First Aid Class in Bozeman. You can find out more information about taking Wilderness First Aid, either the regular class or the Instructor Development Course on the MVD Website or you can contact me directly. (

You do not need to be a medical professional to be a WFA Course Director. You do need to be a WFA Instructor and learn how to organize and administer a class. This is exactly what you will learn in the WFA-IDC course. The ECSI Instructor Development Course not only trains you to become a WFA instructor, but it also gives you the option of becoming your own Education Center which allows you to conduct your WFA class. 

We need more WFA courses in Montana Council so that leaders don’t have to travel to Bozeman to get trained and so that all leaders who need the training can get it. Every troop and crew need a trained WFA leader. The training is valid for 2-years which results in a need to train both new leaders and to recertify leaders.

Wilderness First Aid training does take some time and effort, but hosting a class has hidden benefits. First, Scouts enjoy participating in the injury simulations and learning “moulage” or injury make-up. Offering a local class also gives Scouts 14 years and older an opportunity to take the class. 

Leaders find it easier to get trained when it is closer, and they often enjoy the course experience and graduate to becoming instructors to keep their certification current. Montana has incredible outdoor vistas for us to enjoy, and we can do this safely by having WFA trained leaders AND offering more courses. Please consider taking the April Instructor Development Course and joining the Montana Council WFA team!

Betsy Eubanks (
Mountain Valley District WFA Course Director


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