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What’s In Store: Rank Advancements & Merit Badges

Starting October 1, 2017, we can process your rank advancements in Billings, Great Falls, and Missoula.

Our Bozeman Store will soon carry rank advancements as well. We will update you when we are up and running in Bozeman.

Advancement is not officially recognized until it has been submitted to the Council either by an advancement report or through the online advancement system.

If a unit completes an advancement report manually, there will be a 48-hour turnaround time to purchase the rank patch.

No ranks can be purchased until all information has been entered and verified in the BSA system. However, If ONLINE advancement has been completed, we can process an order immediately.

To process Internet/online advancements:

Step 1 – Visit Internet/Online Advancement and sign in.

First-time units will need to create an account. It will require a unit ID, unit type, and unit # as well as a name, email address and phone number for the person that will be processing the advancements. (If you don’t know your unit ID #, please contact a Scout Office at the numbers listed below.)

A password also needs to be created for the account. I recommend PackXXXX or your unit number twice, it will be easier to remember.

Step 2 – Upload the unit roster.

Step 3 – Input the rank and activities that each boy has completed.

Step 4 – Submit the advancements to Council when finished.

Step 5 – Submit an order to the Missoula, Great Falls or Billings Store. This can be done in person or by faxing or emailing a copy of the Advancement order to the store.

Non-Advancement items (parent pins, rank cards, etc.) are not recorded under this system, so be sure to add a shopping list if you would like any items not on the advancement form.

Email orders to:
Missoula –
Great Falls –
Billings –

Be sure to include:

  • the address that the order needs to be shipped to, and
  • how the order will be paid for

If you have any questions, please call:
Missoula – (406) 926-1810
Great Falls – (406) 761-6000
Billings – (406) 259-4513


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