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What’s In Store?

Brand new items for our Montana Camps are being sold in the Montana Council stores and at the online store.  The three items that excite us most are the Military Sighting Compass, LED Pocket Microscope and the Zip Up Jungle Hat.

The compass has every feature you will ever need:  Aluminum die-cast body, liquid filled capsule with floating dial, glow-in-the-dark arrow on dial, rotating bezel, sighting line, rulers, sighting lens, with adjustable diopter, built-in level on base, gradient & distance on back plate, folding thumb ring, 36” lanyard, and water-resistant nylon pouch.  (3-1/4”x2-1/2”x1-1/4”)

LED Pocket Microscope allows you to see the detail of items under the scope.  Simple design makes this easy to use in the field.  A focus dial allows you to adjust to your eyes.  Pouch included.  2AA batteries needed, but not included.  It’s compact, lightweight design makes it easy to carry anywhere.

This Jungle Hat is the ultimate COOL!  The hat offers UPF 50 rating and just so happens to fold into its own conveniently hidden pocket.  This lightweight, fast drying hat also has a drawstring cord to keep it in place when the wind picks up.  Comes in Grey or Olive.  Not only keeps you cool but is COOL and takes up no room in your backpack.


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