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Welcome Bernie Brault, New District Executive

Bernie Brault, the new District Executive for the Badlands & Shortgrass Districts comes to the council with a wide background. He grew up in Massachusetts, and was in the Scouting Program from 1965 to 1988 when he moved to California. He has been in the OA since 1975 and is currently a Brotherhood Member.

He is a Veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard (Active from 1977-1981 & Reserves from 1981-1983) where he was an Electronics Technician. He started attending the University of Lowell – ULowell, now UMass Lowell – part time taking evening classes in the fall of 1981, and then going full time in the fall of 1982. He graduated with a BA in History and a BA in English in 1987.

While attending the university, he worked full time (1981-83) for Reliable Cash Register Co., a company that developed the software that connected desktop computers, like the TRS-80 and Commodore 64, to the cash registers in stores and supermarkets. While finishing college on a full time basis, he worked up to 30 hours a week in Media Services Dept. in the O’Leary Library, on the South Campus of ULowell.

After moving to California in 1988, he was hired, based solely on his Scouting credentials, by the Orange County School District to teach 5th and 6th graders in the Outdoor Science School Program, where he lived on site with the students and other staff members, teaching Science and Environmental themed classes.

After teaching in that program for 2 years, he moved to the Lancaster/Palmdale area in the high desert of California where he was a substitute teacher and earned his Preliminary Teaching Credential from Chapman University, and his full Teaching Credential from Cal State Bakersfield.   He was a full time teacher in the Lancaster and Mojave School Districts until he moved to Billings, Mont., in 2004 where his in-laws lived.

Bernie has also worked the retail world, Toys R Us, 2004-2016 part and full time, and Wal-Mart full time from 2012-2016, as well as teaching part time in the Billings area, and full time in Grass Range, Mont., for 3 years from 2006-2009.

He met his wife Beth in California in 1989. They were married and they had 2 children, Jonathan, who is in Troop 27 in Billings, and Abigail. Bernie and Beth started in Scouts in Billings in 2005 with Jon in the Tiger Program with Pack 41. They transferred to Pack 44 and were Den leaders as well as Committee members, and Bernie has worked with the Black Otter District Day Camp program from 2007-2015.

He is a committee member with Troop 27 in Billings. He has been active with the Golden Eagle Chapter of Order of the Arrow (OA) since 2008 and the Chapter Adviser since 2011. Bernie attended Wood Badge in 2009, earned his Scouter’s award, was awarded the District Merit award, and earned various other knots.

Bernie is an active member in the Shiloh Methodist Church in Billings, Mont., working with the adults and Youth members of the church. Bernie looks forward to working closely with his 2 districts as well as Council Personnel to make Scouting a positive experience for all involved.


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