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Updated Membership & Council Activity Fee Structure

Montana Council Program Fee Starts At Recharter In 2022 For 2023.

Starting in November of 2022, the Montana Council will implement an annual local council program fee for all members. This fee will be in addition to the national membership fee.

National Membership

Accident & Liability Insurance
Youth Protection Resources
Criminal Background Checks
Technology Upgrades
Online Training Resources
Access To BSA Programs & Curriculum

Council Fee Benefits

Local Council Insurance
Eliminates Family Investment in Character Campaign
Top Notch Properties
Free Basic Leader Training
More Time To Invest In Unit Service


Families today have many options, but only Scouting provides a safe and fun atmosphere where a kid can be a kid all while preparing them to become an even better adults.

As we look toward the future of Scouting, the Montana Council is committed to providing a safe and cost-effective Scouting experience for all youth and families.

Implementing a fee structure is necessary to ensure the needed support for our organization, boost unit-level support, and focus on quality programs while providing the required insurance coverage to provide a robust Scouting program. 


The Montana Council is working hard to keep the cost of scouting as low as possible for our families. Our council is fiscally sound, however, it is essential that we continually review our financial structure in order to guarantee the longevity of our local council programs and resources.


Less than 23% of families participate in the Family Investment in Character and Leadership campaign. In the last 2 years (2019-2021), the Montana Council has reduced planned expenses by over $1,000,000 (or 31%) due to declining support and revenue. 


The Montana Council is committed to working to help your unit continue to provide a quality Scouting experience for every family. Instead of utilizing dozens of volunteers to conduct Investment in Character and Leadership presentations at your unit, we will increase Commissioner service and available staff time to help your unit in any way possible. 

  • As part of this fee, ALL basic leader training will be free to units and should not be budgeted in your annual budget
  • This will also eliminate the FAmily Investment in Character & Leadership campaign.


Q: Will there be scholarships available?
A: We have in place scholarships for financial hardships and/or families with multiple youths. Existing or potential new members can contact our council office for scholarship information.

Q: When will this start?
A: This program fee will start at recharter in 2022 for 2023.

Q: Is Scouting still affordable?
A: Yes, Scouting is still one of the most affordable programs for your family today. The average program costs per Scout (before summer camp experience and inclusive of the new council activity fee):

  • Pack: $275 – $325 per year
  • Troop: $350 – $400 per year

The average selling Scout earned over $400 for their program during the 2021 popcorn sale.


Scouting continues to be one of the best value programs for youth and families available today. Together we are preparing young people for life and helping to build strong bonds in young families.

We thank you for your continued commitment to Scouting in the Montana Council and urge you to continue to be an active partner in preparing young people for life through Scouting.


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