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To Avoid Cancelation, Register Now: NYLT & Woodbadge

If you are planning on sending Scouts to NYLT, time is running out to get them registered.

The K-M course has lots of space available but if we don’t get Scouts registered soon we are in danger of having to cancel the course!

The Griz Base Course also has several spots available but it is filling up.

A long time Scoutmaster has been quoted as saying, “I fully appreciate and attest to the value of sending youth leaders to NYLT.”

These Scouts learn valuable leadership skills that they can use in their troops, in their school activities and later in life.

This June we are running NYLT and Woodbadge the same week, this is an excellent opportunity for youth and adult leaders to do a family style training adventure.

Just think – one trip to K-M and one trip home and adult leaders and youth leaders receive great leadership training while having a good time.

Learn More About NYLT Training Here and Register Here:

Online Registration

 Participant Registration Form

 Health and Medical Form

 NYLT Brochure

 Suggested Equipment List

Time is also running out to register for the Spring Woodbadge course.

If we don’t get more participants soon we are in danger of having to cancel the course.

If you are planning on attending please get your paperwork in right away.

It would be a great shame to have to cancel courses because we could not get enough participants.

Here for more information on Woodbadge.

Woodbadge 2017 – Grizzly Base

Woodbadge 2017 – K-M


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