Planned Giving

Why Write a Will or Living Trust?

Whether you are married, single, widowed or divorced, you need a will. In many cases, it has nothing to do with how large or small your estate may be. Without a will, your estate will not be distributed to those family members and organizations that you care about. The state of Montana will decide who gets your assets, and probably keep a sizable chunk of it for itself. Without a will, the state can also decide who takes care of your young children when you are gone.

Without a will, your family and friends will suffer, but so will your church, your schools and Scouting. Your bequest gift can make a real difference in the financial future of the Council and the other organizations that are important to you and your family.

Call Jory Dellinger at 406-926-1810 for more information on the importance of a will or trust and what it can mean to you. You spent a lifetime building your estate now it is time to take a few minutes to protect that estate.

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