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In Store: Unit Account Info. Updates

In an effort to update Unit Account Information, we are asking that all unit leaders complete a Unit Charge Account Information Form and send it in.

Why you ask?  Much of the information in our system is out of date and we are unaware of the necessary changes.

Download the Unit Charge Account Information Form here.

Changes that we are interested in are:  

  1. The individual responsible for your Unit’s A/R Account
  2. The individuals within the unit that are authorized to use this account. 

Keep in mind that some units have chosen not to have an A/R Account. The units that use this system can add money to their account. This way, when an authorized leader needs to pick something up from one of our stores for their unit, there is money available for payment.

The form is very simple.  There are four ways to get us this information:

  1. Mail:   Montana Council, BSA
    Attn:  Deb Kovalicky
    805 W Spruce, Suite A
    Missoula, MT  59802
  2. Email:
  3. Text a picture to:  406-544-7850
  4. 4. Drop it off at your local scout store.

Help us give you better customer service.  

Download the Unit Charge Account Information Form here.


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