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Quick Tips: 2020 Popcorn Sales

Our annual Trail’s End Boy Scout popcorn sale is underway and will run through October 18th, 2020! This is the primary fundraiser for many packs, troops, and crews. The success of this effort will have a huge impact on the quality of Scouting in many units across the state.

The health and safety of our Scouts, volunteers and member of our communities is of utmost importance. Due to the pandemic, we may not be canvassing your neighborhood as much as we have in the past.

You can still purchase popcorn!

We are trying to reach as many of our supporters and popcorn friends as possible. If you do want to purchase popcorn and aren’t being approached by a Scout, there are a few things you can do.

  • Reach out to a Scout you know – You can support a Scout and unit directly. We are sure they will be happy to hear you’re interested. You can help a Scout can earn their way to a great year of Scouting, grow in confidence, have fun and get some great prizes along the way.
  • Call the Montana Council Service Center – We can take orders and/or help you find a Scout to Support. Just call 406-761-6000.
  • Order from – Through Trails-End, you can search for a Scout to support (or enter the Scout number if you know it), or choose to support Montana Council as you checkout.
  • Share this information with others – If you know someone who wants to purchase popcorn and support youth in Montana, please let them know we can help them make an order.

If you aren’t personally a popcorn fan, you can donate to Scouts by making sending a gift of popcorn to first responders, military men and women, their families and veterans organization through the American Heroes Donation. A selfless way to support Scouting and our heroes during these trying times.

If you are a parent or a Scout and are looking for information or necessary pdf and downloads, visit our Montana Council Popcorn Headquarters.

Want deeper insight into the impacts of selling popcorn on a person and unit? Read, “It’s More Than Selling Popcorn,” by our Deputy Scout Executive, Jory Dellinger.

Are you a Scout who is already selling? Are you entering the Fill It Up and Win daily drawings? Here’s how to enter the drawing or see if you’re a previous winners.

For any other questions, issues or for more information, please contact our Popcorn Guru, Michelle Ferguson at [email protected], (406) 761-6000.


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