Presentation: Eagle Scout Project Coach Training

If you missed the recent Eagle Scout Project Coach Training with Tony Higura, there’s still the opportunity to view the presentation and have access to the PowerPoint presentation Tony created.

On Wednesday evening, February 10, 35 Scouters from across Montana, Columbia Falls to Billings, gathered virtually on Zoom to talk about how to be the very best Eagle Scout Project Coach to our aspiring scouts. 

In other words, how to be the “Last 2-miles Coach” on this often daunting task of “plan, develop and give leadership in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or community.” 

Often the very last requirement our Life Scouts have to accomplish is to earn their Eagle Scout rank. Even though it is usually the most talked about or known requirement, even by those not familiar with the Scouting program, we must not diminish the literary hundreds of individual requirements (rank and merit badge requirements) youth must accomplish before they achieve this milestone. 

During the presentation, the Scouters were briefed on the publications the Boy Scouts of America has created to guide us and the Scouts through the complex process. Knowledge is power and the key to navigate the process from project proposal, approval, planning, execution, completion including the final report and the final Eagle Board of Review. 

The process developed by the BSA is well documented and is required for the scouts to follow to satisfy the requirement. We, as adults, play an important role in serving them as “subject matter experts on the process.” Serving as consultants, a resource and encouraging the candidate to fully plan their project, secure resources, and make wise decisions. 

We are key to helping the candidate reach a successful outcome. Project planning, developing and execution is not a skill the Scout learns in Scouting or school before getting to this phase of their Scouting career, and, to many, it is a daunting task.   

To Tony, and to many others who have worked as Project Coach, it is a rewarding experience and one he strongly encourages others to take on. 

You can find the full video presentation here. If you would like a copy of the PowerPoint for your own reference, presentations or to share, email Tony at He would be happy to email you the download link.

Let’s be the very best “Last 2–miles Coach” we can be!