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It Is Popcorn Time In Montana!

Dear Scouting Friends,

Over the years Montana Scouts have sold more popcorn per Scout than any other Boy Scout Council in America.

Montanans are generous. We help Scouts who set the goal of funding their Scouting Adventure! Our annual Trail’s End Boy Scout popcorn sale began on Saturday, and will run until October 16.

Here in Great Falls there is plenty of enthusiasm as Scouts and leaders hit the streets and get their sales off to a strong start – several Scouts selling over $800 on the first day!

This is the primary fundraiser for many Packs, Troops and Crews. The success of this effort will have a huge impact on the quality of Scouting in many units across the state.

Here’s a few highlights of what’s NEW for this year’s sale:

  • PRIZES – this year all of the prizes are things that Scouts can use in their Scouting activities – including a personal water filter, hydration pack, Maglight, dry sack, survival bracelet, Leatherman, Kelty sleeping bag, and Thermarest sleeping pad – all top quality items!
  • ONLINE SALES – much better program! Much quicker for a Scout to set up for easy Online Sales for family and friends – no worries about collecting payment or delivering product with online sales. Shipping charges slashed – customer buys 3 or more items and shipping is free, or a flat rate of $7.50 for one or two items ordered.
  • TOP SELLERS PARTY – all Scouts, and their families, who sell $1200 or more, will be invited to a party next June in Great Falls. It will include admission to Electric City Water Park, a BBQ dinner, camp behind the Council Service Center, evening entertainment and continental breakfast.
  • TINS ARE BACK – for the first time in several years three items will be offered for sale in decorator tins – they are Chocolate Lovers, Chocolaty Caramel Crunch, and White Chocolate Pretzels. There are many folks out there who collect these tins and they make great items for holiday gifts.

And a few highlights of what remains unchanged:

  • AMAZING SCOUT BUCK PROGRAM – Our council Scout Buck program is second to none – Scouts may use their Scout Bucks for Scouting supplies and activities, or for a vast array of shops, entertainment, saving’s accounts – you choose!
  • GIFT CARDS – Easy to use and this year they will all be VISA gift cards, allowing for great flexibility
  • MILITARY DONATION – A great way to for someone to support our active duty military and support Scouting even if they cannot eat, or do not wish to buy, any popcorn.
  • $2500 SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM – Trail’s End continues to sponsor this program whereby Scouts who sell at $2500 or more establish a scholarship fund of 6% of their sales and will grow with 6% of every sale from that time forward increasing into a meaningful fund that can be used for post high school study, such as college, trade school or church mission. When you combine this scholarship with all of the amazing prizes and incentives the Council provides – this makes for a remarkable mother-lode opportunity.
  • MONTANANS LOVE SCOUTING! – Montanans love Scouting and a vast majority will support a Scout and participate in this sale if asked.
    One tip when selling door to door, don’t just sell on weekends. When the weather is good especially, many folks will not be at home during the day. Probably the best time to catch folks at home is in the early evening, 5:30-7:30 PM.

Units that get behind this sale will raise enough money to pay for all, or most, of their year of Scouting. Scouts can earn their way for a great year of Scouting, grow in confidence, have fun, and get some great prizes along the way.

A Scout will sell as much as his or her motivation and hard work will take them. If you want to sell more popcorn, ask more people. Don’t just ask them to buy popcorn – rather, ask them to help you fund your Scouting Adventure!

Let’s have a great sale again this year and help fund the amazing Montana Scouting Adventure for our Scouts!

Yours in Scouting,

Gordon Rubard
Scout Executive


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