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Popcorn Sale Approaches Another Record!

A heartfelt thank you to Scouts, volunteers and parents who hit the streets to help sell popcorn this year!

We are incredibly proud that, as we continue to tally, popcorn sales are approaching another record of more than $2.1 million!

Kerry Ketchum, Montana Council Popcorn Kernel, commented:

“This happened because our great Scouts their parents and leaders got out there and did their best. In these trying and uncertain economic times, you have all proven once again that Montana supports Scouting. This goes much deeper than just a popcorn sale. This is a reflection that people realize we are providing an outstanding program to tomorrow’s leaders!”

Unit and individual Scout sales will be recognized in an upcoming issue of the Montana Trails and on the Council website.

And again, Thank You! To all of the dedicated Scouts, leaders and parents that worked so hard to make this year’s popcorn sale a great success.


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