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Popcorn Orders Due Oct. 24!

Popcorn orders are due online at Trails End: Popcorn System by 10:00 pm Tuesday, October 24th.

Also, don’t forget to email your unit budget to Michelle so you can get the added bonus.

Michelle’s email address is: [email protected].

Step-by-step instruction on the ordering process is outlined in the PDF here:

2017 Popcorn System Ordering

This and further information is available from the council website on the popcorn page.

As always, if you are having an issue, please don’t hesitate to contact Michelle at the above email address or by calling the Great Falls office at 761-6000.

If you did not log into the system last year and if you have not logged onto the new Popcorn System, please remember you will not have a username or password and you need to contact Michelle to one ASAP.

If you logged in last year, your username is your firstname.lastname. If you can’t remember your password, click the need help link to reset your password.

Thanks for all you have done to make sure the 2017 popcorn sale is the best one yet!


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