The national Scout jamboree is a gathering, or jamboree of thousands of members of the Boy Scouts of America, typically held every four years and organized by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Referred to as “the Jamboree,” “Jambo,” or NSJ, Scouts from all over the nation and world have the opportunity to attend. They are considered to be one of several unique experiences that the Boy Scouts of America offers.

2021 National Jamboree – July 21-30, 2021

Montana Council will be taking both male and female contingents. We will have spots for ten female Scouts, 40 male Scouts and ten adults.

Here are some helpful links for information and how to register:

If you are interested in becoming one of our contingent leaders or have more questions please contact Shon Ostler, shon.ostler@scouting.org or 406-241-6014.

2023 World Jamboree – We will update when information becomes available.